Tim Perry

Senior software engineer at resin.io.
Creator of Build Focus, keen open-source contributor, and maintainer of Loglevel, Git‑Confirm and Server Components.

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Lastly, users tend to get a bit complainey about people intercepting and saving everything they type, particularly credit card numbers, passwords and the like. So it’s important that they don’t know you’re doing this. Wink.

I don’t need to worry about covering the boring stuff like privacy and security

Woah there, ok. This is an interesting technique, but it needs some huge warnings on top!

If you’re doing this for real after Spring 2018, you have any EU users, and you’re not extremely careful, then this is illegal and subject to fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of business turnover, whiche...

HTTPS Is Not Enough at Codemotion Milan

Federate your content just one more step, all by yourself, and making jumping ship a little less scary.

Mastodon has been quietly building popularity for a good few months now, but over the past 48 hours it’s really burst to life, leaping from 25,000 to 40,000+ users in no time at all.

This is an exciting good thing: we’ve been in desperate need of less centralized and walled social networks for a good long time now.

Moving on from Twitter though isn’t easy, as many of us have been there many years, and dumping all your friends there is a high price to pay. What you need, is a way to sync between ...

Because sometimes you want to know if they actually work.

Bash scripts are unloved and underappreciated. Many of us developers spend a lot of time on the command line, and a good shell script is an incredibly powerful thing to drop into & extend your existing workflow.

Shell scripting isn’t easy though. Many of the tools and techniques you might be used to aren’t nearly as effective or well-used on the command line. Testing is a good example: in most languages, there’s a clearly agreed basic approach to testing, and most projects have at least a few tests sprinkled around (though often not a...

CSS-only tabs are a fun topic, and :target is a delightfully elegant declarative approach, except for the bit where it doesn’t work. The #hash links involved jump you around the page by default, and disabling that jumping breaks :target in your CSS, due to poorly defined behaviour in the spec, and corresponding bugs in every browser.

Or so we thought. Turns out there is a way to make this work almost perfectly, despite these bugs, and get perfect CSS-only accessible linkable history-tracking tabs for free.

What? Let’s back up.

What’s :target?

:target is a CSS psuedo-class that matches an element i...

Read logs from the API, for modern supervisors
"Well, there's actually another approach we could take [crunch, crash] oh, shit, the cat just jumped on the [mumbles] [pause] [big sigh]."
Never internally select:[], since that not valid
Don't use the deprecated 'os configure' format in internal calls
Deprecate passing an api key to the SDK constructor
I've been looking for more tools to help automate documentation, and just discovered Madge, which looks great for J… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/953266071573794816
Provide a helpful warning when local pushing a template file.
We're looking for another frontend developer at @resin_io! #techjobs Come work remotely with a lovely & diverse te… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/951786392216055808
There's little more satisfying in the world than adding @typescriptlang to some code, and having inference automati… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/951549639680983040
Convert lots of actions to TypeScript
Add service id to typings, and ensure options are optional
Fix breakage in deploy command
Add Enum to PineDataTypes and storyboard
Upgrade typescript to 2.6
Add prettier
DONOTMERGE: WIP: Run non-MC SDK against MC staging
Convert windows paths to posix when passing to tar
Disable debug mode for algolia search
Output key/value Dockerfile commands like ENV correctly
Tweak CSS to line up correctly on more screen sizes
Neat & scary route to fingerprint text, to trace leaked info (...are there any nice use cases for this?) using zero… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/947879849259134977
Fix deprecation warning for os configure, when passing a bare UUID
Ah, hack fridays. One last quick @resin_io project for 2018 before Christmas kicks in: https://github.com/resin-io/docs/pull/669 🎄🎁 (cc @jessicaewest)
Set up Algolia docsearch
Start seriously converting the CLI to TypeScript
More types types types
Spent some of today converting a first big chunk of https://github.com/resin-io/resin-cli to @typescriptlang and its already poin… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/943911512560848896
Ensure TypeScript is valid in strict mode
It's truly depressing to see services like @pubnub & @mixpanel ignoring security, and not actively encouraging even… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/943869080175628289