Tim Perry

Creator of HTTP Toolkit: powerful tools to debug, test & build with HTTP.

Passionate tech speaker, open-source contributor, and maintainer of Loglevel, Git‑Confirm and notes.

Debug all HTTP(S) sent by git, npm, apt-get, or anything else

The command line is powerful, but can be hard to understand, and extremely hard to debug. Ever run a command, see it fail with a cryptic error, and have no idea why?

Better tools can help you understand what’s really going on. They can let you see inside the command you’re running to understand how it’s communicating, see what data it’s working with, and debug it in depth.

Excitingly I’ve just shipped one-click terminal interception to do exactly this with HTTP Toolkit, for HTTP and HTTPS, to show you everything your CLI is sending and ...

HTTP View is a beautiful, free & open-source HTTP inspector. This is the first release of HTTP Toolkit, and lets you intercept HTTP or HTTPS traffic with one click, explore & examine that traffic up close, and discover exactly what your code (or anybody else’s) is sending.

Want to dive right in? Download it now.

HTTP Toolkit is a project that I’ve been working on for a while, to build an open-source suite of tools for HTTP development. The goal is to intercept & examine HTTP, edit it live, analyse flows of HTTP requests to audit performance and security, and rapidly prototype HTTP cl...

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