Tim Perry

Tech lead and open-source champion at Softwire. Creator of Build Focus. Keen open-source contributor, and maintainer of Loglevel and Server Components.

Opening Open Source with DevOps at DevDay
Promises Are So Passé at Frontend Conference

How can you use client-side libraries like Leaflet, on the server?

Get easy confidence on exactly what you’re committing.

You’ve written an application deployed using Dokku, and you’ve got it all up and running and great. You’ve heard a lot about why HTTPS is…

Why do we need better maps, and how does server-rendering help?

Opening Open Source with DevOps at DevOps BCN

On shadow dom: for now server components isn’t worrying about giving you free shadow dom. You’re right, you certainly don’t get that…

The developer experience of web components, with the power and simplicity of server-side development.

Good to see actual licenses get more prominent on Github: https://github.com/blog/2252-license-now-displayed-on-repository-overview. #OpenSource doesn't mean just throwing your code online!
Ridiculously lovely lunch on the new terrace here at @BetahausBCN. So nice out here. https://t.co/7T23Rod3Jd
Awesome bot that tweets new Github issues labelled with 'first-timers-only', to help people get started in #opensource: @first_tmrs_only.
Thanks for having me @ABBDevDay! Fantastic talks, so many lovely people, great conference. See you all next year ☺️ #AbbDevDay
Bunch of us meeting at the Wezze Kraft bar from last night for dinner at 8! Feel free to join #AbbDevDay
Great advice from @viddity: when you get frustrated, take a while fighting smaller problems, to feel effective & valuable again. #AbbDevDay
Great fun talking at #AbbDevDay, slides are up at https://speakerdeck.com/pimterry/opening-open-source-with-devops - Learn some #devops and help make #opensource that bit more open!
Well played @KHNilsson #AbbDevDay https://t.co/msNezBt86o
I'm on soon here at #AbbDevDay! Come learn how to fix open-source problems with fun DevOps tools at 10.25 in room 2. https://t.co/nI40KMDesX
Thoroughly fantastic talk on teaching and empathy (and a little of ES201? Observables) from @holtbt #AbbDevDay https://t.co/1Jel4lcZdG
Exciting other news today: #Angular2 is finally out, and @Github have announced a raft of new changes: https://github.com/blog/2256-a-whole-new-github-universe-announcing-new-tools-forums-and-features. A Good Day.
Super excited for this one! Kurt Leucht from NASA talking about sending freaking robot swarms to Mars. #AbbDevDay https://t.co/HwooNsyMcb
Applying page rank to find the strongest influencers in rock music through history - @aliostad here at #AbbDevDay https://t.co/glI2eNs2UY
🛫 En my way to @ABBDevDay in Krakow! Last year's conf was totally amazing - can this year be even better? #abbdevday
QuineDB is a quine, that is also a key-value store: https://github.com/gfredericks/quinedb (by @gfredericks_)
Super glad we do stuff like this. @SoftwireUK are so lovely. https://twitter.com/SoftwireUK/status/775589970388086784
Latest fun project: Github chatbot framework. Doesn't all work yet, but hopefully should by Monday! Keep an eye on https://github.com/pimterry/dev-bot.
This is so exciting! And perfect timing for for @binjimint's WASM talk at #fullstackfest this afternoon. https://twitter.com/bnjbvr/status/774143217600081922
Fantastic to see @GoogleChrome making progress steadily killing off plain HTTP: http://blog.chromium.org/2016/09/moving-towards-more-secure-web.html
Haha, nice! @scottjenson arrives here at #fullstackfest, and we've got a physical web site up already. https://t.co/fDbGqGjqcL